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February 11, 2014CE – Implications of Fighting Back

There is an organized movement opposing mass surveillance of Internet and other electronically-exchanged information sources.  The organizers have chosen 11FEB2014CE as the day for a mass observance and general resistance point.  (Link follows, after some commentary on my part.)

I’ve yet to decide a more formal stance for myself – I tend toward “Not on your tintype!”, but there is such a thing as too little regard for evil in the world.  Be very very certain that I class terrorism as evil, be it on the scale of bullying one person or forcing a commercial jet to impact an occupied skyscraper.

Fighting back for me takes nearly as many forms in the long run.  “Fat jokes” aren’t a safe refuge for bullying if I’m in the neighborhood.  Neither are gay jokes, Scouting jokes, ethnic jokes, or geek jokes.  Plenty more “target” jokes that will get me riled up, and some of those even if the joke-spouter is targeting themselves.   I may laugh.  I may cry.  I may even repeat the joke later (AdAPOLOGIESvance, not perfect here) – but only after re-consideration.  Is the joke a deliberate attack?  Is it mean-ness for the sake of being mean?

OR is the joke a sharing, a commiseration with the human plight we share with the target?  Deprecative humor does have a role in establishing community.  My contention here is that it should not be used to tear apart what is still being built.

Government agencies by their past actions very seldom receive the same level of defense from me.  There are good men and women working to keep us safe however, yet all too often they find themselves at odds with the procedures and policies of the agencies which employ them.

In the interest of fairness, I’ll make this declaration —  NSA / FBI / CIA / whatever other alphabet-soup agency is out there from whichever government, group, or corporation:  you have full permission to kiss my rear repeatedly and with relish.  When/if you choose to try and do more than that, or your assorted lackeys seek to make a profit off the act, remember my words and the actions I have used in the past and hereby pledge to use in the future.

To paraphrase a few recent cultural icons, you really do not want to make me angry.  I bite back when bitten.  As the little guy in the fight, I’m also likely to show only as much restraint as it seems to take so I won’t inadvertently damage bystanders (and even then, I’ll weigh the cost of collateral damage as much after the fact as before, particularly if you rush my thinking too much).

And for all of that and quite a solid bit more I will make NO apology.



Philosophy of the Wizard’s Den, Iteration Current

First, get it clear in your heads:  I write like I breathe, in fits and starts and not always as well as I might.

OK, I’ve admitted it up front and plainly — I am neither perfect or perfectable.  Does NOT mean that I won’t keep trying, because I do *that* about like I breathe as well.

I’m also held to account as a Bard, in a very old sense of that word, one even older than simply being a poet.  I teach, I study, I create, I preserve, I encourage, I conduct ceremonies, I write ceremonies, I sermonize, I extemporize, I serve as an advocate, and can be called upon to render judgement – perhaps with only the agreement of the affected parties, but it still comes with the territory…

I am also an incorrigible punster and a Curmudgeon-in-Training.

Here, I’ll gather this and that from here, there, and elsewhere.  Could be a bumpy ride, but I ask that you enjoy it with me.

(Applicable rates for any of the previous described functions are negotiable according to needs, means, and expectations of the parties involved and in accordance with the underlying principles.  “Do not anger a Bard, for your name *IS* funny and your miserable existence can be described in detail and rhyme in many and often hilarious ways.”  If you really hit the trifecta, true Bards are admitted to the right of Satire, by which the best of the ancient practitioners could raise welts on the skin of a miscreant…)