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The Broken Hero

Heroes is as heroes does … and sometimes as they does not!

According To Hoyt

Years ago, in a science fiction short story, I came across this expression that just fit my feelings. “Born owing money.”

I think from the way it was employed in the story that it was supposed to mean “from a poor family” but that’s not how I felt it. For me, from as far back as I can remember, I had this feeling I must justify my existence.

As the half (one half the family) unwanted child who then proceeded to near-bankrupt her family because she had every-possible-illness and some that technically, logically, should be impossible, this is perhaps understandable.

I was if not born broken, born to be broken. From the moment I remember I’ve been running so hard because I know what’s behind me: me. I know all my tendency to sloth and to malingering. I know the crazy depressive spins. And I know the malice and spitefulness…

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Bad Language

Sarah Hoyt was born and raised in Portugal, and now lives in the USA — and makes a living from writing *in English*. Her thoughts upon the nature and history of language as it has evolved among humans (specifically Homo sapiens sapiens) AND why the “universal translator” is a Bad Idea are well worth consideration by ANYONE who must deal with differences in the way we communicate with one another.

And that means Every. Single. One. of us who use the Internet, or make a meaningful living from the exchange of goods, services — and words.

According To Hoyt

Come closer. Yes, you. Come here. Listen to me. Do you hear what I’m saying? Do you understand it?

I bet you don’t, or not quite as I mean it.

Look, a recent alleged science fiction read had nanocites that adapted people to speak a universal language.

Why is it that languages get no respect when it comes to world building and future projection? Oh, it’s not a science in the sense it’s not predictive. (No, I don’t even care if some colleges consider them almost a science – mine did) but it’s a science in the sense of analysis collection and observation.

Is it because we don’t have math? (We do, you know? It’s just weird and done with different symbols.) Or is it because to paraphrase Pride and Prejudice “Any savage can talk?”

I do understand the unique difficulties of writing future language or past language for that…

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The things I find …

This entry from SuziCate *really* spoke to me: to where I’ve been, to where I’m hoping to go, and especially to where I am in this moment.  (EDIT:  added a Title to the blogpost…)

The Water Witch's Daughter

Bless my mind and body wholly and holy to get me where I’m going.

Help me climb the steps if it leads where I need to be.

Teach me how to walk the path of resistance if it is what I’m meant to follow.

Though you allow me to choose, I ask you to enable me to decide.

Allow me to discern your requests and my expectations.

Grant me the vision to see the trail if it is not clearly defined.

Motivate me to take the first step where I have not treaded.

Discipline me to enable me to learn the lesson before me.

Endow me with the tools necessary to complete the task.

Give me strength to keep trying when I feel like giving up.

Might I always demonstrate my best effort.

I pray you replace my fear with courage.

I ask you to empower me with wisdom.


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