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Story-Time, and the Tradition of the Insta-Filk

I am, among other things, a filker.  (Think folk-singer with the parody bit stuck on “on”, or look it up — with the quick alternative definition being an album title associated with Leslie Fish, Folk Songs For Folk Who Haven’t Been Born Yet.)  Sometimes, an existing song begs for new words.  SCREAMS for them, at least inside my head. Within the filk community there’s a name for these first fruits of the filk process, composed on the spur of the moment:  insta-filk. Now, “pure” instafilk typically happens in the first (very) short while after the inspiration is received or experienced.  What follows below is an example of another type, in that I had heard the original song years ago, and the original parody more than once recently.  The Muses kick us in our butts when and how THEY choose to, however…  Note, also, that instafilk may not be a  100% match to the tune or scansion of the original.  Sorry, by part and parcel of the form consider most instafilk as “Work In Progress”.   nearlyInstaFilk: Story-time TTTO (very roughly) “The Ballad of Canton” cf. _Firefly_, wherein Jayne discovers himself proclaimed a Hero… see also “The Man They Call Joss”, as performed by The Bedlam Bards NewWords: Kihe Blackeagle

Bucks! Fools see only those bucks!

The fandoms of skiffy and high fantasy Number now quite some millions, but fools only see Division and doubting and pocketbooks deep While deriding the fanboys upon where they sleep.

We are here for the story, heros and villains too We will stay for good stories, so now OUT with “grey goo” Remember you hosers with those purse-strings pulled tight What one opening new “Star Wars” pulls in in one night.

Now is it still worthwhile ’cause of label’s bright shine? Only with story will they hold onto my dime. Say what you will, sirs, yet harken to me: Put back stories in movies or watch our feet flee.


In a previous incarnation…

“Proof” that there was a Wizard’s Den presence in the blog-o-sphere before the current WordPress edition.

DPchallenge – “I wish I were…” (“Proper” use of Subjunctive Mode)

Language mavens take note – I’m a bit of a contrarian when it comes to grammar & spellynge. There are times that I wish I were more consistent, certainly.

There are also times that I revel in my inconsistency, or at least my willingness to maintain that a treasured construct is perfectly acceptable. “I wish I was in de land of cotton…” just does not have the same visceral impact with the grammar corrected. Same for “curiosity” as an object versus “curiousity” as a trait – or as a deliberate choice to invoke an accent and mindset through subtlety.

Not everything can be given a pass as some attempt at poetical song lyrics, however. Not everything needs, or deserves, an oddity from the depths of the writers love of language.

I wish I were able to better communicate these feelings on a daily basis. Guess I’ll just have to keep up my practice in order to demonstrate a practised hand at such things.

The things I find …

This entry from SuziCate *really* spoke to me: to where I’ve been, to where I’m hoping to go, and especially to where I am in this moment.  (EDIT:  added a Title to the blogpost…)

The Water Witch's Daughter

Bless my mind and body wholly and holy to get me where I’m going.

Help me climb the steps if it leads where I need to be.

Teach me how to walk the path of resistance if it is what I’m meant to follow.

Though you allow me to choose, I ask you to enable me to decide.

Allow me to discern your requests and my expectations.

Grant me the vision to see the trail if it is not clearly defined.

Motivate me to take the first step where I have not treaded.

Discipline me to enable me to learn the lesson before me.

Endow me with the tools necessary to complete the task.

Give me strength to keep trying when I feel like giving up.

Might I always demonstrate my best effort.

I pray you replace my fear with courage.

I ask you to empower me with wisdom.


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Philosophy of the Wizard’s Den, Iteration Current

First, get it clear in your heads:  I write like I breathe, in fits and starts and not always as well as I might.

OK, I’ve admitted it up front and plainly — I am neither perfect or perfectable.  Does NOT mean that I won’t keep trying, because I do *that* about like I breathe as well.

I’m also held to account as a Bard, in a very old sense of that word, one even older than simply being a poet.  I teach, I study, I create, I preserve, I encourage, I conduct ceremonies, I write ceremonies, I sermonize, I extemporize, I serve as an advocate, and can be called upon to render judgement – perhaps with only the agreement of the affected parties, but it still comes with the territory…

I am also an incorrigible punster and a Curmudgeon-in-Training.

Here, I’ll gather this and that from here, there, and elsewhere.  Could be a bumpy ride, but I ask that you enjoy it with me.

(Applicable rates for any of the previous described functions are negotiable according to needs, means, and expectations of the parties involved and in accordance with the underlying principles.  “Do not anger a Bard, for your name *IS* funny and your miserable existence can be described in detail and rhyme in many and often hilarious ways.”  If you really hit the trifecta, true Bards are admitted to the right of Satire, by which the best of the ancient practitioners could raise welts on the skin of a miscreant…)