Five Rules For Internet War — if you absolutely must

Sarah Hoyt can be a hoot-and-a-half. She can also be astute, serious, and well-worthwhile to read as a blogger. (With apologies to the lady, I am far less familiar with her actual fiction output – a situation I fully intend to rectify as soon as funds allow, I assure every one of you!)

I will add somewhat to the sub-rules for InternetWar orbital strikes: apply so much of Baker’s Drugs as you have at your disposal when needed. (Ah, you don’t know about Baker’s Drugs? Those are the tactical decisions that, when made at just the right time, absolutely astound your opponents and may or may not actually accomplish the intended result — but whatever they do accomplish will be notable for style, lack of style, or absoposilutely one-hundred-percent panache.)

According To Hoyt

Now, I’ll admit that I have rarely felt a need to go to war with someone on the internet personally – at least unprovoked.  I have once started a war unwittingly, by linking someone who was being as Georgette Heyer would say “foolish beyond permission.”  This is known around here I think as “the incident of the very pampered non-fic writer and her insane groupies.”

Most of the time, though, when I have something to say, I have something to say about ideas, not the person in particular.  And since the ideas are usually stupid enough on their own, I don’t link the source – though I or my fans have been known to clue others on how to find it.  This usually avoids counterstrikes, because the originators of the annoying ideas either don’t feel a personal incentive to counter attack, or they don’t recognize the ideas as their own. …

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