DPchallenge – “I wish I were…” (“Proper” use of Subjunctive Mode)

Language mavens take note – I’m a bit of a contrarian when it comes to grammar & spellynge. There are times that I wish I were more consistent, certainly.

There are also times that I revel in my inconsistency, or at least my willingness to maintain that a treasured construct is perfectly acceptable. “I wish I was in de land of cotton…” just does not have the same visceral impact with the grammar corrected. Same for “curiosity” as an object versus “curiousity” as a trait – or as a deliberate choice to invoke an accent and mindset through subtlety.

Not everything can be given a pass as some attempt at poetical song lyrics, however. Not everything needs, or deserves, an oddity from the depths of the writers love of language.

I wish I were able to better communicate these feelings on a daily basis. Guess I’ll just have to keep up my practice in order to demonstrate a practised hand at such things.


One thought on “DPchallenge – “I wish I were…” (“Proper” use of Subjunctive Mode)

  1. masterbard

    If only I were able to instruct my ESL students in the mysteries of the subjunctive form! Alas, were they so inclined, they could speak with grammatical perfection, but the time to memorize and practice a foreign language is much-grudged and rarely given. Were I a better teacher, or they more motivated to open their lips, perhaps mastery of even this much-misused and graceful conjugation might be theirs. I wish I were able to spend more than two hours a week, or that we were able to meet more briefly but more regularly. And I wish that Havarti and Gouda were readily available in this fair but foreign clime. (South Korea, btw…) 😀


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