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Philosophy of the Wizard’s Den, Iteration Current

First, get it clear in your heads:  I write like I breathe, in fits and starts and not always as well as I might.

OK, I’ve admitted it up front and plainly — I am neither perfect or perfectable.  Does NOT mean that I won’t keep trying, because I do *that* about like I breathe as well.

I’m also held to account as a Bard, in a very old sense of that word, one even older than simply being a poet.  I teach, I study, I create, I preserve, I encourage, I conduct ceremonies, I write ceremonies, I sermonize, I extemporize, I serve as an advocate, and can be called upon to render judgement – perhaps with only the agreement of the affected parties, but it still comes with the territory…

I am also an incorrigible punster and a Curmudgeon-in-Training.

Here, I’ll gather this and that from here, there, and elsewhere.  Could be a bumpy ride, but I ask that you enjoy it with me.

(Applicable rates for any of the previous described functions are negotiable according to needs, means, and expectations of the parties involved and in accordance with the underlying principles.  “Do not anger a Bard, for your name *IS* funny and your miserable existence can be described in detail and rhyme in many and often hilarious ways.”  If you really hit the trifecta, true Bards are admitted to the right of Satire, by which the best of the ancient practitioners could raise welts on the skin of a miscreant…)


Yer Proprietor

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
(known in the modern era as Mike C. Baker)